November 1982 – February 1983

Apollo Victoria


Musical Director: Gerry Allison

Violins: Homi Kanga*, Sylvia Putterill, Rosemary Roberts, Ken Hogg, Derek Jacobs, Jacqueline Ward, Alec Suttie

Violias: Robert Hope-Simpson, Justin Ward

Cellos: Philip Brothers, Penny Cliff

Double Bass: Tim Harries

Harp: Sarah Morley

Woodwind: James Gregory, Stephen Forbes, Stuart Allen, William Green, Richard Skinner

French Horns: Barry Castle, Frank Rycroft, Andrew Paterson

Trumpets: Alan Cross, Philip Lawrence, Michael Meeks

Trombones: Paul Beer, Ron Bryans

Percussion: Christopher Hind, Peter Hagen


Orchestral Management: John Allan of Session Services of London